Infographic: how the European Parliament president gets elected 


The first job of a new European Parliament is to elect its next president. Find out about the procedure in our infographic.

How the President of the European Parliament gets elected  

The first thing the newly-elected MEPs have to do once they meet in plenary at the beginning of July will be to choose who will be the new president of the European Parliament.

Candidates for the post should be put forward by either a political group or a group of at least 38 MEPs. There could be up to four rounds of voting, the last one being between the two candidates who have received the most votes in the penultimate, third round. To win a candidate needs a majority of the votes cast.

The president’s term of office is for two and half years. Members can be elected to the post more than once.

Usher carrying the ballot box for the election of the Parliament's president