Schulz in Paris: Europe needs to come up with a common response to the refugee crisis 

Martin Schulz (right) with François Hollande  

A common response to the current refugee crisis is needed, said Martin Schulz, president of the European Parliament, during a meeting today with French President François Hollande in Paris. "We should welcome refugees," Schulz stressed ahead of the extraordinary European Council on the refugee crisis taking place in Brussels on Wednesday.

"The people who are arriving are refugees who have been threatened," said Schulz, "We should welcome them. We should also immediately mobilise billions of euros for Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey." The EP President added: "I understand member states experiencing economic difficulties, but Hungary's position is untenable. Could the United States play a role in taking in refugees? Yes, they can."

Schulz also congratulated Alexis Tspiras with the result of the Greek legislative elections held yesterday, stressing that "a solid government ready to deliver is needed quickly" in Greece.