Migration: MEPs debate new approach to manage flows of migrants and refugees 


Is it time for a new approach on migration? Italian S&D member Kashetu Kyenge and Maltese EPP member Roberta Metsola are calling for a comprehensive strategy including having binding targets for resettlement in each member state. MEPs debate and vote on their report on Tuesday 12 April from 8.30 CET. The two MEPs also answered questions about migration posed by our fans on Facebook. Watch the video to see what they had to say on issues such as the refugee crisis and the EU-Turkey agreement.

A new strategy for migration

In their report Kyenge and Metsola set out a new approach to migration at the European level. At the moment the member state where refugees first enter the EU are responsible for processing their asylum application, but this has led to more pressure on countries looking after the EU's external borders, such as Greece and Italy.

In order to alleviate the pressure on these countries, the two MEPs argue in favour of a resettlement system with binding targets for each member state and call for financial and technical assistance for member states where most of the refugees originally arrive. In addition member states should fulfil their obligations concerning urgent relocation measures and care should be taken to look after children, who are especially vulnerable.

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Your questions about migration

Our Facebook fans enjoyed the opportunity to pose questions about migration, which were then answered by Kyenge and Metsola. Many people asked about the report, the refugee crisis and the agreement with Turkey. In their answers, the two MEPs stressed the need to ensure refugees' rights are upheld. They also said Parliament was uncomfortable with the Turkey agreement and would scrutinise its implementation.

Want to find out more about what they had to say? Check out the video above!