Terrorism: 80% of Europeans want EU to do more to tackle threat 

Most Europeans want the EU to do more to tackle security threats ©AP Images/European Union - EP  

The vast majority of Europeans want the EU to do more to fight terrorism, according to the latest Eurobarometer poll.

This represents the highest level of support for more EU action among the issues asked about in the Eurobarometer survey. In addition 68% of the respondents also want the EU to do more on security and defence. Parliament is working on a range of measures regarding security.

New rules to counter the threat from foreign fighters and lone wolf terrorists were approved by MEPs in February. Travelling abroad to recruit or receive training for terrorist purposes is now a crime across the EU, while all EU countries must now systematically check all people entering the EU against databases.

In July MEPs voted in favour of setting up a special committee to examine the counter-terrorism measures taken in the EU and look at possible shortcomings. After 12 months the committee will produce a final report with findings and recommendations.

In order to make it more difficult to fund terrorism, Parliament is working on a revamp of the EU's anti-money laundering directive. The new rules aim to make it easier for national intelligence units to share information.

In the coming months MEPs also vote on the new EU entry-exit system that would, for example, replace the stamping of passports with an electronic system.

About the survey

The Eurobarometer survey was conducted among 27,901 people from all EU countries on 18-27 March and was set up to be representative of the population as a whole.

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