Press Freedom Day: the challenges facing journalists today 

Find out the facts about journalism today in our infographic  

The role of journalists as democracy's watchdogs is proving increasingly hazardous. Not only have thousands of them lost their job due to the crisis, but they are also at risk of being arrested, kidnapped or even killed in the line of duty. To ensure the freedom of the press and access to information, Parliament is currently working on new initiatives. As today we mark Freedom of the Press Day, find out about the challenges facing journalism in our infographic.

Parliament is currently working on two reports regarding media freedom to ensure greater transparency and freedom of information at a time when more than half of Europeans see television and the written press as untrustworthy, according to a Eurobarometer survey.  

A report on freedom of press and media in the world was drafted by Marietje Schaake, a Dutch member of the ALDE group. The document, due to be voted on by Parliament in June, underlined that some media have come under scrutiny themselves due to their unethical behaviour and said that the EU should lead by example if it is to keep its own house in order.

Meanwhile Renate Weber, a Romanian member of the ALDE group, wrote a report on setting standards for media freedom across the EU. This will be dealt with during the May plenary. The report calls for harmonisation of national regulatory authorities to ensure their independence and impartiality.