Wikström: asylum seekers should be fairly distributed in EU 


The European asylum system collapsed due to the refugee crisis. A reform of current rules should make it fair and sustainable. Watch our interview with Cecilia Wikström to find out more.

The Dublin regulation, which determines which EU country is responsible for dealing with an asylum application, needs updating to better meet today's challenges. The limits of the current system became apparent in 2015 when more than one million people fled war, conflicts and persecution and applied for international protection in the EU.


On 16 November MEPs adopted Parliament's position on the reform of the Dublin regulation, meaning the Parliament is now ready to start negotiation with the Council.

Cecilia Wikström is the MEP responsible for steering the new rules through Parliament. In her report she set outs three priorities:

  • All EU countries should share responsibility for asylum seeker
  • The countries where most refugees first arrive should take responsibility for registering everyone arriving as well as protecting and maintaining the EU's external borders
  • Asylum applications should be processed much quicker so those in need of protection get it sooner, while those with no right to asylum can be returned to their home country swifter

“We should have a system put in place that functions irrespective of whether there’s a big influx or a lower influx of people so that we don’t have any more to put emergency measures in place,” said Wikström.

Watch our video to find out more.