MEPs approve start talks on watching online TV shows abroad with governments  

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The start of talks on new rules for making online TV programmes available abroad has been approved by MEPs.

On Tuesday 1é December Parliament agreed to start talks on rules to make it easier for broadcasters to release their content online throughout the EU. Negotiations will start once EU governments have adopted their position.


More than half of all EU internet users watch TV  online or use catch-up television services. However, broadcasters and other operators find it hard to clear rights for their online or digital services when they want to offer them in other EU countries.


The proposal focuses on giving people staying in another EU country access to news and current affairs programmes. Broadcasters wanting to offer a programme online across the EU would only need to clear rights in one country only.


In May MEPs already approved new rules giving consumers the right to use their online subscriptions to entertainment such as films and music when they are visiting another EU country.


Check our infographic for more information.

Find out the facts in our infographic  

Next steps


Once all MEPs have had the chance to vote on the proposals during an upcoming plenary session, Parliament will start negotiations with the Council.

It soon become easier to access online news and current affairs programmes produced by broadcasters in other EU countries