Migration: boosting development in Africa to create alternatives  


Could development in Africa help to rein in migration flows? MEPs have adopted an EU-Africa strategy with ideas on how to boost development.

Ever since the migration crisis erupted, European countries have been paying more attention to what has been happening around them, especially in Africa. Although some African countries have enjoyed robust growth in recent years, other have suffered from terrorism and instability. The continent also boasts a young and rapidly growing population and it can be a challenge to create good jobs for all of them.


French EPP member Maurice Ponga believes development could play a key role in stimulating economic growth in Africa and preventing people from having to leave their country. In his own-initiative report “the EU-Africa strategy: a boost for development” he sets out how development can make a difference.


MEPs adopted his report on 16 November.


Find out more about the issue and Ponga’s proposals by watching our video.


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