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How is the EU funded and what is the money used for? Read on to understand what the EU long-term budget is and how it is decided.

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The environment committee has backed new rules to further improve the quality and access to drinking water for everyone and ensure plastic waste from water bottles is reduced.

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Investing in Europe is not about millions of euros, it's about millions of people.

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Social inclusion and security 


How does the EU promote social inclusion and security as well as combat poverty and unemployment? Find out the latest news on European social policies.

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The EU negotiates various trade deals all over the world, but they depend on approval by the European Parliament. Read our overview of the negotiations in progress.

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Harnessing globalisation 


Globalisation offers opportunities as well as challenges. Find out how the EU tries to optimise the benefits while reducing the risks.

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EU affairs 

The UK leaving the EU is not the end of cooperation. Soon talks will start to determine how the two will work together on anything from trade to the fight against terrorism.

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The EU-Vietnam trade deal is set to eliminate virtually all tariffs over the course of a decade. MEP Geert Bourgeois explains the benefits in our interview.


Digital single market 


How is Europe creating a digital single market? Discover the European Parliament's work on roaming, net neutrality, innovation, e-commerce, geo-blocking.

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