Opening: minute's silence for migrants drowned off Lampedusa  

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One minute of silence in the EP plenary Chamber for the victims of Lampedusa disaster  

President Schulz opened the session with a minute's silence for the migrants drowned when their boat caught fire and capsized off Lampedusa on 3 October - a silence which he imagined pierced by the victims' screams and said should mark a turning point in EU policy.

In the silence, Mr Schulz imagined hearing the screams of children seeing their parents drown, of parents unable to save their children. The screams of people lost in a raging sea, in sight of a continent they had looked to for protection and hope.

The EU habitually talks in figures and dry legal jargon about who takes in refugees and who foots the bill, said the President, noting that fishermen who had tried to save the victims had even been threatened with prosecution.

Yet Europe's strength and wealth, compared with the migrants, ought to enable it to afford them protection, he said, adding the hope that this moment would mark a turning point in EU policy.

Incoming (credentials now confirmed)

Iñaki IRAZABALBEITIA FERNÁNDEZ (Greens/EFA, ES), as of 11 July 2013
Eduard-Raul HELLVIG (ALDE, RO), as of 4 September 2013
Martina MICHELS (GUE/NGL, DE), as of 5 September 2013

Ovidiu Ioan SILAGHI (ALDE, RO), as of 4 September 2013

Agenda changes


Oral question added about discriminatory customs checks on Lithuanian lorries entering Russia.


Migration debate title changed to "Council and Commission statements - EU migratory Policies in the Mediterranean, with particular regard to the tragic events in Lampedusa". Resolution to be voted in October II session.