Seed regulation: Calls growing in the Agriculture committee to reject Commission's proposal, De Castro says 

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Following the debate of the Agriculture committee's political group coordinators on how to deal with the draft plant reproductive material regulation Monday evening, chairman of the EP Agriculture committee Paolo De Castro (S&D, IT) said:

"The draft law on plant reproductive material as proposed by the Commission is rather sensitive and at the same time very problematic. It merges 12 directives into one regulation, which would be directly applicable to all member states with no leeway to adapt new rules to their needs. It also includes high number of delegated acts - and thus too wide powers for the Commission - and combines rules for seeds and other plant reproductive material in one legislative text. These issues, among others, raised a lot of concerns voiced by political group coordinators during our Monday's meeting."

"Majority of group coordinators therefore agreed on Monday that the best possible solution at this stage would be to reject the proposed text in its entirety. The rejection should be followed by a resolution drafted by political groups explaining in details reasons for doing so."

Background and next steps

Draft regulation on producing and marketing of plant reproductive material, also called a seed regulation, was tabled by Commission on 6 May 2013 as a part of wider Animal and plant health package.

MEPs have tabled 1461 amendments so far to update the draft proposal or calling for its complete rejection. They will be voted during the next meeting of the Agriculture committee, which will take place on 10-11 February in Brussels.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development

In the chair: Paolo De Castro (S&D, IT)

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