Does the resolution suggest any measures to protect whistle blowers? 



Yes. MEPs call on the EU to establish an "effective and comprehensive European whistle blower protection programme", paying particular attention to the complexity of whistle blowing in the field of intelligence. They also call on EU countries to "thoroughly examine the possibility of granting whistle blowers international protection from prosecution".

MEPs also propose a "European Digital Habeas Corpus", which includes action to ensure enhanced protection for whistle blowers.

Is Edward Snowden mentioned in the resolution?


The resolution mentions Edward Snowden's name once."The revelations based on documents leaked by the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden put political leaders under the obligation to address the challenges of overseeing and controlling intelligence agencies in surveillance activities and assessing the impact of their activities on fundamental rights and the rule of law in a democratic society", it says.

On 7 March 2014, Mr Snowden gave written replies to a set of questions sent by MEPs to his lawyers. The content of his replies was debated by Civil Liberties MEPs on 10 March 2014, as part of the inquiry activities.