What is the "digital new deal" that MEPs propose? 


The resolution calls for a “digital new deal” in Europe to boost its IT independence. This strategy should foresee the allocation of adequate resources at national and EU level. The ultimate goal is to boost the IT industry and to allow European companies to exploit the EU's privacy competitive advantage.

Trust in US cloud computing and cloud data storage providers has been damaged by surveillance practices, MEPs note. They suggest that Europe develops its own clouds and IT solutions to ensure a high standard of personal data protection. They also note that by 2016, the cloud market is likely to be worth $207 billion a year, double its 2012 value.

The resolution recognises that there is an acute vulnerability in the IT security of EU institutions. It therefore asks for a review and assessment of technical capabilities, including possible open source software, the use of cloud storage by the EP, impact of increased use of mobile tools and a plan for more use of encryption technologies.