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Greening of aviation sector: MEPs welcome long-awaited update for Single European Sky

Transport Committee MEPs discussed with Commissioner Vălean the Single European Sky proposal that will allow the aviation sector to reduce CO2 emissions as well as costs. (See more)


EU-UK relations: MEPs approve rules to ensure Eurotunnel safety and cooperation

Parliament supports legislation that aims to ensure the tunnel railway connecting continental Europe and the UK continues to operate safely and efficiently. (See more)


Better and more robust rights for rail passengers

Parliament and Council negotiators reached a provisional political agreement on stronger rights for passengers travelling by train. (See more)


Tourism Committee MEPs: EU must act, 22 million jobs are at stake

Members of Parliament’s Tourism Task Force reiterate that the tourism sector needs EU-level coordination and substantial support to give SMEs a chance of survival. (See more)


COVID-19: Parliament approves temporary relief measures to support rail sector

Parliament backed on Thursday a regulation that will allow removing, postponing or lowering charges for accessing rail infrastructure during COVID-19 pandemic. (See more)


Aviation sector in COVID-19 turmoil: lack of EU coordination makes it impossible to recover

Transport and Tourism Committee MEPs criticised national solo efforts in COVID-19 crisis that keep grounding European aviation, in a debate with Eurocontrol chief. (Read more)


Transport and Tourism Committee insists on a budget line for sustainable tourism

In an open letter addressed to EU leaders, Transport and Tourism Committee MEPs call for dedicated funding for sustainable tourism in the next long-term EU budget. (Read more)


Tourism MEPs: trust in travelling remains low, SMEs are suffering

The Tourism Task Force took stock of the progress made by different actors to help the sector to overcome the crisis one month after the Parliament adopted its resolution on transport and tourism. (Read more)


Parliament adopts major reform of road transport sector

Parliament backs revised rules to improve drivers’ working conditions and stop distortion of competition in road transport. (Read more)


Parliament requests further action to save EU tourism

MEPs call for additional measures to save the EU’s tourism and travel sector and make it future-proof after COVID-19 crisis. (Read more)


Transport Committee approves major reform of road transport sector

Transport Committee MEPs endorsed on Monday the deal reached with EU ministers on a major reform of the road transport sector. (Read more)


Summer holidays: MEPs demand more clarity for tourism in COVID-19 crisis

MEPs gave overall positive feedback on the Commission’s transport and tourism package; however, many insist on more concrete actions and financial support ahead of the summer holidays. (Read more)


Transport in COVID-19 crisis: parliament backs new measures relieving administrative burden

The European Parliament approved today four legislative proposals that will provide more flexibility to the transport sector by temporarily removing administrative barriers and burdens. (Read more)


Tourism and travel plans: Committee welcomes Commission’s package to overcome COVID-19 crisis

The Transport and Tourism Committee welcomes the Commission’s latest package, notably the clarity on passenger rights whilst supporting both sectors to overcome COVID-19 crisis. (Read more)


Response to pandemic is vital for the sustainable future of the transport sector

Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee discussed with the Commission urgent relief measures for the transport sector, while reiterating the need for an EU-wide recovery strategy. (Read more)


Transport: Safety and consumer protection must be priority in COVID-19 exit strategies

Parliament’s Transport Committee Chair welcomes the new relief measures, but urges EU ministers and the European Commission to better coordinate efforts to exit the crisis. (Read more)


Transport: more support and better coordination vital to overcome COVID-19 crisis

Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee calls for more support for the sector, urging the Commission to coordinate recovery measures across the EU. (Read more)


Tourism in COVID-19 crisis: MEPs demand clear action plan to help the sector

Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee urges the Commission to come up with a European action plan to help the tourism sector to overcome the crisis. (Read more)


COVID-19: Parliament approves crucial EU support measures

As part of the EU’s joint response to the COVID-19 outbreak, MEPs almost unanimously adopted three urgent proposals in an extraordinary plenary session, on Thursday. (Read more)


Transport Committee pledges to stop empty flights due to COVID-19

Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee Chair welcomed the Commission’s swift proposal and pledged that MEPs will work quickly on the legislation. (Read more)


Mobility package: Transport Committee backs deal with EU Ministers

A deal between Parliament and Finnish Presidency negotiators on reforming the road transport sector was approved by the Transport and Tourism Committee on Tuesday. (Read more)

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