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Transport MEPs list main steps to make EU road safer

The goal of zero deaths on European roads by 2050 calls for more robust measures on road safety, such as, 30 km/h speed limit or zero-tolerance for drink-driving, Transport MEPs say. (Read more)



Single European Sky: MEPs ready to start negotiations

European airspace management should be fine-tuned to optimise flight routes, reduce flight delays and cut CO2 emissions, said the Transport and Tourism Committee. (Read more)



Eurovignette: provisional deal on new road haulage charging rules

EP and Council negotiators reached a deal on new road charging rules for trucks to transition from time-based to distance-based charging, reducing CO2 emissions. (Read more)



Railway safety and signalling: Transport MEPs call for more coordination

The European Rail Traffic Management System’s deployment is too slow and needs to be addressed with better coordination and more investment, Transport MEPs say. (Read more)



European Parliament upgrades rail passengers' rights

Under the new rules adopted by MEPs on Thursday, train passengers will be better protected when there are delays and cancellations or when they face discrimination. (Read more)



MEPs call for cleaner maritime transport

Climate neutral transition of the maritime transport should be followed with a substantial emissions reduction, clean ports and banning the use of heavy fuel oil, MEPs say. (Read more)



MEPs list key proposals to review Roadworthiness Package

Current EU rules increased road safety, but a revision is necessary to overcome implementation shortcomings and to respond to future challenges, MEPs say. (Read more)



Transport and industry MEPs back deal on Connecting Europe Facility

A deal between Parliament and Portuguese Presidency negotiators on a next generation Connecting Europe Facility was approved by the Transport and Industry Committees on Thursday. (Read more)



Transport MEPs back the EU-US aircraft lease agreement

The EP’s committee on transport and tourism gave a green light to updated EU-US air transport agreement on Thursday, removing the time limit for aircraft with crew lease. (Read more)



Transport MEPs urge to end clock change

Ahead of yet another seasonal time change lead transport MEPs urge EU countries to speed up their work and respond to citizens plea to end clock change. (Read more)



MEPs demand safe and clean travel

EU criteria for safe and clean travel, a common vaccination certificate and an EU hygiene seal for businesses must be part of a new EU strategy on tourism, MEPs say. (Read more)



Transport MEPs approve agreement on rail passengers’ rights

A provisional deal to better protect and assist train travellers in case of delays, cancellations or discrimination was approved in the Transport and Tourism Committee on Tuesday. (Read more)



Connecting Europe Facility: provisional deal on next generation programme

EP and Council negotiators reached a deal to upgrade the Connecting Europe Facility and release new funds for transport, digital and energy projects for 2021-2027. (Read more)



Tourism MEPs advocate common criteria for safe and clean travel

EU criteria for safe and clean tourism, including a common vaccination certificate, should be a part of a new EU strategy on sustainable tourism, said MEPs. (Read more)



Roadworthiness package: Transport MEPs suggest ways to update it

Current EU rules on periodic vehicles inspections add to road safety, but an update is inevitable with emerging implementation shortcomings and new safety systems for cars, said MEPs. (Read more)



Transport MEPs set their vision of clean maritime transport

Climate neutral transition of the maritime transport should be followed by a notable reduction of emissions, clean ports and giving up of heavy fuel oil usage, said MEPs on Thursday. (Read more)



Transport MEPs scrutinise a new EU mobility strategy

A new EU mobility strategy, that sets the plan towards greener and smarter EU transport system, was debated by Transport Committee MEPs with Commissioner Vălean on Monday. (Read more)

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