MEPs debate situation in Venezuela with National Assembly Speaker Julio Borges  

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The economic, social and political crisis in Venezuela was discussed by foreign affairs MEPs and Venezuela’s National Assembly Speaker Julio Borges on Wednesday.

Mr Borges described Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis: 1.5 million people left the country, 4,000 children dead from malnutrition, and acute shortages of food and medicines.


Venezuelans are calling for respect for human rights and free and fair elections, but the response of President Nicolás Maduro’s regime is yet more violence, plus a call for a constitutional assembly, which, Mr Borges stressed, would not represent all Venezuelan people, but just groups of people selected by the government.


Many MEPs expressed solidarity with Mr Borges’ efforts to restore peace and human dignity in Venezuela, stressing that in a resolution voted last month, MEPs condemned “brutal repression” by the Venezuelan security forces and urged Venezuela’s government to ensure the full restoration of the democratic order and immediately release all political prisoners.


Asked by MEPs about ways to solve the crisis, Mr Borges advocated further dialogue, hinting that the Organisation of American States could step in to mediate in the crisis.


Watch the recording of the debate


Earlier in the day, EP President Antonio Tajani held a press point with Mr Borges.