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Following the vote on copyright in the digital single market, the vice-chair of the Internal Market Committee and rapporteur on the opinion, Catherine Stihler, said:

“Overall I am happy with the outcome of today's vote. Although I would have wanted to see a much less restrictive text and data mining restriction for non-commercial as well commercial purposes, I am consoled by the fact that we managed to adopt an improved and broader wording on the exceptions for teaching and educational activities as well for the use of out-of-commerce-works by cultural heritage institutions”.

“I am also pleased with the wording we have managed to secure on Article 13 and corresponding recitals which deal with the use of protected content online. The new wording is a tremendous improvement on the Commission's original text - we deleted the general monitoring obligation on our citizens which the Commission's text would impose, as well as explicitly stated that 'Member States shall ensure that users have access to a court or another competent authority for the purpose of asserting their right of use under an exception or limitation and to appeal any restrictive measures'. For me these two changes were crucial and I am happy to see them approved in today's vote”.

The lead committee on this file - Legal Affairs Committee - is expected to vote on the legislative proposal on 28 September 2017.