EP President Tajani celebrates the end of roaming charges with the Rapporteurs and Erasmus Students at the European Parliament in Strasbourg  

EP President Antonio Tajani spoke at the plenary session in Strasbourg on the entry into force of EU law abolishing roaming charges for phone calls.

 "I am proud to say that today, 15 June 2017, marks the end of the era of roaming charges in the European Union. This is a considerable achievement.


Our citizens, students, business travellers and tourists will be able to travel throughout the Union, without incurring any extra expense for their calls or for using the Internet. We have added yet another important building block to the edifice of our single market, to our existence as Europeans.


I would like to thank the Parliament for having won a battle which it has fought over several years; this House first condemned excessive roaming charges in 2005.


Since then, we have continued the struggle, securing constant reductions in charges. And we have finally secured their complete abolition with effect from today.


I would have liked to thank everyone by name who has contributed to this extraordinary achievement over the past decade. But the list would be too long. (...)


I thank this House for its determination and tenacity in persevering in a justified battle for years.

I trust that the Member States will apply the rules that have been agreed in a serious and diligent manner.


And I ask the Commission to enforce those rules, including where there are derogations and exceptions.


On behalf of the European Parliament, I can confirm that we will be vigilant and ensure that, as from today, our citizens can genuinely enjoy the benefit of this step forward.


It is one more major advance towards a Union which is stronger and closer to its citizens."