Parliament approves composition of Special Committee on Terrorism 

Press Releases 


  • List of 30 members approved
  • To assess counter-terrorism measures
  • Mandate to probe deficiencies in cross-border cooperation and recommend improvements

The list of the 30 full members of Parliament’s new special committee on counter-terrorism was approved in plenary session on Tuesday.

The committee will assess  the extent of the terrorist threat on European soil and highlight any potential faults, deficiencies and malfunctions in counter-terrorism measures.


See the list of the 30 full members here


The committee will hold its first meeting on Thursday 14 September in Strasbourg, in order to elect its chair, vice-chairs and rapporteur(s).


Quick Facts


The special committee’s mandate was approved in plenary session on 6 July. The committee is to focus on:


  • how external border management measures are implemented;
  • deficiencies in sharing judicial, law enforcement and intelligence information among member states,
  • the interoperability of European information-sharing databases,
  • the impact of EU anti-terror laws on fundamental rights,
  • radicalisation and the effectiveness of de-radicalisation programmes,
  • money laundering and terrorism financing, including its links to organised crime, and
  • best practices for protecting soft targets and critical infrastructure, such as airports and train stations.


Next steps


The committee will visit  and hold hearings with other EU institutions, the Europol law enforcement cooperation agency,  the national parliaments and governments of member states and non-EU countries, law enforcement agencies, intelligence services, judges and magistrates and  victims’ organisations. It is todeliver a mid-term and a final report containing factual findings and recommendations. Its 12-month mandate, will run from Thursday 14 September, and may be prolonged.

In addition to the 30 full members approved in plenary session, the committee will also have 30 substitute members who will be appointed by the political groups.