“Romania needs cohesion policy”, say regional development MEPs 

Press Releases 

Members of the EP’s Regional Development Committee visited Cluj-Napoca during their mission to Romania on 18-20 September.

They all agreed that cohesion policy has had a positive impact on the country but more needs to be done to ensure the full implementation of this policy.

You can find below the statements of the MEPs who participated in the delegation:


Joachim ZELLER (EPP, DE) : “We have had two full days of projects visits and talks with local, regional and national authorities and we can clearly say that Romania needs cohesion policy! We saw a lot of potential, but there are also shortcomings and delays in the implementation of the current programming period. It is imperative that Romania speeds up the implementation on the ground, as it is important also for the future cohesion policy after 2020.”


Lambert VAN NISTELROOIJ (EPP, NL) : “Romania needs further decentralisation. The Polish example already shows us that this is the future for a successful implementation of cohesion policy. We could clearly see that regions and cities here are ready to take more responsibilities and they are able to ensure better performance on the ground.”


Constanze KREHL (S&D, DE): “We are positively surprised that the NW region (North-West region of Romania) has made big steps towards becoming a truly modern region, as the example of TETAROM illustrates. Now the region is in a position to embrace worthwhile sustainable projects. In so doing it will ensure a Cohesion policy for the benefit of all citizens in the future.”


Matthijs VAN MILTENBURG (ALDE, NL) : “The visited research projects in Cluj-Napoca illustrate the European added value of investments in research and innovation. They work on societal challenges as alternative energies. I am amazed by the excellence of the researchers and their dedication. However, Romania should step up the efforts to reduce bureaucracy, cut red tape and better finance the needs of SMEs and R&D. Researchers should do research and not be overcharged with administrative burden.”


Monika VANA (Greens/EFA, AT) : “Cohesion policy is the best example for European solidarity. Important elements of the new programming period are the partnership principle and the Europe 2020 goals the structural funds should be in line with. It's therefore of high importance that Romania invests more in sustainable development and mobility, as well as enhance cooperation with local and regional stakeholders, social partners and civil society in order to reach the best results for the citizens.”


Fernando RUAS (EPP, PT) :  “After this interesting visit to Romania, I am absolutely convinced that I found a country in transformation. The EU presence is quite visible all over the significant investments we visited. Once the current difficulties are overcome, this country will have a sound future. This is what I sincerely wish!”