Sudan must release Sakharov Laureate Salih Mahmoud Osman, insist EP Vice-President and DROI Chair 

Press Releases 

In light of recent developments in Sudan, Vice-President of the European Parliament, Heidi Hautala and the Chair of the Human Rights Subcommittee, Pier Antonio Panzeri stated:

“We strongly condemn the arbitrary arrest by Sudanese forces of Salih Mahmoud Osman, Sakharov Prize Laureate and Vice President of the Darfur Bar Association, as well as arrests of other human rights defenders in Sudan.


We are alarmed to learn that a crackdown on protesters, human rights defenders, student activists, journalists, attorneys and academics continues in Sudan, with the authorities using arbitrary arrests and excessive force to deal with peaceful protests against rising food prices.“


EP Vice-President Heidi Hautala, who is responsible for the Sakharov Prize Network, said: “Having met Mr Osman a number of times, I have had the opportunity to follow closely his work which paves the way for accountability and justice in Sudan and beyond. Today, our friend is in danger because of this work. He must be immediately released.”


Mr Panzeri added:”Mr Osman and other detained human rights defenders must be treated humanely, their legal rights must be fully respected and they must be released immediately.


We also condemn the on-going detention of journalist and human rights defender, Ms Amel Habbani, and the arrest of Mr Ahmed Jadien and other journalists, just for doing their work. We urge the Sudanese government to guarantee the physical and psychological integrity of the detainees and to release them immediately or to bring them to court if the Sudanese law enforcement authorities believe they have any reason to hold the detainees. We also call on the government of Sudan to immediately stop the harassment of the media and allow for media in Sudan to publish and broadcast without fear.”


VP Hautala

DROI Chair Panzeri