Terrorism: Statement on the anniversary of the 22/3 attacks 

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EP President Antonio Tajani and Nathalie Griesbeck, Chair of Special Committee on Terrorism, issued the following statement paying tribute to victims and their families.

President Antonio Tajani, on the anniversary of the Brussels and London attacks (22 March 2016 and 22 March 2017 respectively), said: “Terrorism is an offence to our basic principles. Defending and honouring the victims of terror is equivalent to defending our values. In the name of all the victims, we are duty bound to verify whether our tools are adequate, or whether we could do more. In 2012 we adopted a Directive on victims' rights. We should assess its implementation and see whether it is being applied across the board”.


“Last year, the European Parliament also strengthened victims' rights, by establishing measures for immediate assistance, particularly in situations with victims from across different borders. We saw attacks in cities with many tourists and expat communities in London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Nice, Stockholm and Barcelona. We must ensure that victims do not go through additional trauma to get help in a foreign city. The setting up of a special Committee on Terrorism is a signal of the importance we place on the security of our citizens. Thanks to its work, the Parliament will be able to enhance its efforts on the Union's anti-terrorism policies”, President Tajani added.


Chair of EP Special Committee on Terrorism, Nathalie Griesbeck (ALDE, FR), at the opening of a public hearing dedicated to the protection of victims’ rights, said: “Today my thoughts are with victims of terrorism and their families. I also welcome the work done by non-governmental organisations, which is essential and exemplary. A terrorist attack majorly breaches the victim’s trust in society. Our obligations are far beyond merely legal and moral. We must carry out our responsibilities, in order to not confine victims to their status, and to prove that our societies are strong and resilient. Member states must put in place the necessary structures and measures to assist victims. We have to guarantee that their needs are quickly met and carefully treated with humanity”.


The Special Committee on Terrorism held a minute of silence with representatives of victims who participated yesterday and today in a series of public debates, organised and promoted by the European Parliament.


Video extracts from the hearing on protecting the rights of victims of terrorism in the EU: opening remarks by EP President Antonio Tajani



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