Opening - EP pays tribute to Nicole Fontaine 

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Tribute to the late Nicole Fontaine during the opening of the plenary session by President Antonio Tajani © European Union 2018 – EP  

President Tajani led Parliament in remembering former Parliament President Nicole Fontaine with a minute of silence, at the opening of the session in Strasbourg.

First elected to the Parliament in 1984, Nicole Fontaine was an eminent member for 23 years. She understood institutional life very well, and worked unstintingly on co-decision and strengthening the role of EP. “The Parliament owes a lot to her”, said President Tajani.


20 years after she was elected, the motto of “United in diversity” was adopted during her presidency. Tajani outlined that Fontaine was close to citizens and active in hundreds of conferences. Her incredible ability to listen and her persuasive nature were instrumental in the adoption of the single currency.


“It is up to us to carry on the work of our eminent colleague and breathe new life into parliament”, said the President, thanking Nicole Fontaine for her passion, courage and consistency in working for the people of Europe throughout her life.


Manfred Weber also expressed condolences to her family and friends in the name of the EPP group, to which she belonged.


GDPR - a milestone in securing privacy and control over personal data


President Tajani thanked all those who have worked to ensure that personal data are now better protected, in particular MEP Jan Philipp Albrecht, who steered this issue through the House. “This is a decisive step towards guaranteeing the safe use of the web and is a move towards global standards”, said President Tajani.



Incoming Members



Karine GLOANEC MAURIN (S&D, FR) as of 11 June


Changes to the agenda




The vote on "Interpretation and implementation of the Inter-institutional agreement on better law-making" is postponed from Tuesday to Wednesday;





A debate on the "Union civil protection mechanism" will be added in the afternoon, as the second item, after the Topical debate, and voted on Thursday.


An OQ to the European Commission on the "Extension of the scope of Chapter I of the Brussels IIa Regulation to include registered partnerships" (without resolution) will be added in the afternoon, as the third item.


Requests by committees to start negotiations with Council and Commission


Decisions by several committees to enter into inter-institutional negotiations (Rule 69c) are published on the plenary website.


If no request for a vote in Parliament on the decision to enter into negotiations is made by Tuesday 24.00, the committees may start negotiations.