Joint statement by the Co-Chairs.

Following the meeting of the 16th EU-Montenegro Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee (SAPC), which took place in Strasbourg on 14-15 November 2018, the Co-Chairs of the EU‑Montenegro SAPC Mr Ivan Brajović, President of the Parliament of Montenegro and Mr David Martin of the EP Delegation stated:

"We take it as a positive signal that the Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee has adopted a Declaration and Recommendations for the second time in a row and that Members of both parliaments had an opportunity for a frank and constructive debate.

We welcome the recent establishment of the temporary parliamentary committee on further reform of the electoral law and legislation in other crucial areas. Its ambitious agenda is important for Montenegro’s EU path. We urge all opposition members in the Skupština Crne Gore to take an active and constructive part in the work of the temporary parliamentary committee and fully resume parliamentary dialogue as well as participate in the forthcoming SAPC meetings.

The European Parliament supports Montenegro’s accession to the EU, while at the same time expects progress in key areas such as the rule of law in the country.

The SAPC welcomed the results already achieved so far concerning the negotiation of chapters 23 and 24 and stressed that it remained essential for the overall pace of the negotiating process that the entire rule of law system delivers more concrete results, including on the fight against corruption and organized crime and on media freedom."