Nouy bows out and Enria approved  

Press Releases 

Members of the economics committee held their last hearing with the outgoing head of the ECB’s bank supervisory authority, Danièle Nouy and heard and approved her successor, Andrea Enria.

During the two hearings on Tuesday, members showed particular interest in the future of the European deposit insurance scheme, banks’ exposure to sovereign debt, non-performing loans, and Brexit. They also asked various questions on cooperation between the different EU bodies responsible for the banking sector, and on ways to increase the transparency of the decision making processes that govern these bodies.

In her words of advice, Ms Nouy said that it would be essential for her successor to always implement best practices, wherever they originated from, continually seek cooperation with other authorities, and be prepared to show a strong hand during discussions with the banks.

For his part Mr Enria outlined four priorities were he to be confirmed as head of the supervisory authority: cleaning of bank balance sheets; promoting banking integration; preparing for market and funding risks; continue the work being done on improving risk governance and culture.

After the hearing with Mr Enria a vote was taken to approve his candidature.  It was passed 42 in favour, 1 against and 9 abstentions.  The committee’s recommendation to approve Mr Enria will now be put to the parliament’s plenary for a vote on Thursday 29 November.