After today’s trilogue on Horizon Europe, Parliament rapporteurs urge member states to make compromises so a deal can be made next week to avoid crucial research projects being delayed.

Today the fourth trilogue on Horizon Europe and the specific programmes were held in the European Parliament. At the meeting, Parliament’s negotiating team showed flexibility and presented several compromises on key issues in order to reach an agreement with member states. A final trilogue is foreseen for 14 March in Strasbourg.

“The European Parliament today put forward a constructive compromise package in order to reach an agreement. The ball is now in the court of the Council to take the necessary steps so we can finalise the deal next week,” said the Parliament's negotiating team, composed of the rapporteurs and the shadow rapporteurs of the political groups.

The rapporteur for the Horizon Europe - Framework Programme proposal Dan Nica (S&D, RO) said: “Yet another trilogue with little movement by the Council on the most important issues. If we do not get an agreement at the trilogue next week, the next Parliament will have to take over and a deal before March 2020 is then highly unlikely. It is now up to the member states to ensure this does not happen.”

The rapporteur for the Implementing Horizon Europe proposal Christian Ehler (EPP, DE) added: “European researchers are counting on us to finish negotiations so important ongoing research projects can continue after 2020. In order to prevent a funding gap we urgently need a deal. If not we jeopardise important research projects, jobs and harm Europe’s competitiveness.”