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The film Choose Your Future is the centerpiece of the 2019 European elections awareness-raising campaign.

It is directed by Frédéric Planchon. In the 3-minute film, he documents the intense, beautiful and fragile moments when newborn Europeans come into this world.

The film Choose Your Future is a nudge to take part in the upcoming elections and to think about the Europeans who will ultimately have to live with the consequences of this vote, i.e. the children being born right now.

The Parliament’s contractor, European Broadcast Partners and their sub-contractor & Co./NoA, developed the concept for the film and assisted in the surrounding campaign made to spark a wide debate about the future of Europe.

The campaign is a call on Europeans to take action and vote to ensure a better future for themselves and the generations to come.

What is the aim of the film?

The aim of the film is to make us reflect on why we vote.

The more people vote, the stronger and more legitimate a democracy becomes. The goal is to make Europeans aware of shared values, emotions and responsibilities. To deal with global challenges, Europeans need to stand together and choose their - and their children’s and grand-children’s - future, by casting their vote in the upcoming elections.

In the words of the young girl narrating the film: “Each of us can leave a mark, but together we can make a real difference. Choose the Europe you want me to grow up in”.

What is the idea behind the film?

Bringing a child into the world changes parents' perspectives on life like nothing else. The birth of a child is an emotional moment, which is complemented by a great sense of responsibility for the future well-being of the new life.

The film documents the deeply emotional beauty of new Europeans coming into this world, right now, right before the elections. It shows the actual birth of children who will inherit the decisions made in May 2019. It shows all the hope and joy that meets them, and it shows that, from the second we come into this world, we’re in it together and need to take care of it, collectively and individually, by voting.

In other words: “United in diversity”, the motto of the European Union.

Who had the idea for the film?

The “Choose Your Future” campaign was the European Parliament’s idea and was used to brief the creative agency & Co. / NoA who developed the concept for the film.

Who directed the film?

The director of the film is Frédéric Planchon, aged 53.

Born in Lyon and living in Paris, Frédéric began his career as a theatre actor, and worked as an assistant director on 15 feature films before making his directorial debut in 1990 with the short film 'L'Echange', which won the Prix de l’Image at the Festival de L’Image du Film. This launched his career as a music video and commercials director.

He has worked with causes such as Save the Children and Mumsnet, and has won almost every major award there is for work for a wide range of clients. In the last few years alone, he has collected many awards for his SSE and AT&T films, including 3 Golds, 2 Silvers and a Bronze at Cannes.

Which companies have contributed to the production?

European Broadcast Partners Belgium – overall responsibility for the production and language adaptations

& Co./NoA Denmark – creative agency.

& Co. Production Denmark – in-house production dept. of & Co.

Newland/Academy – production companies representing Frédéric Planchon

Is it all real, or are some parts staged?

All women appearing in the film are pregnant or have just given birth. They all gave birth between February and March 2019. Some participants (relatives) were cast to reflect the diversity of European families and to create a full storyline.

All the birth scenes are 100 % real, but some of the scenes from before and after the birth have been staged or recreated to complete the storyline.

Who are the future parents filmed?

In total, 15 future parents were filmed on location in Greece, Denmark, Czechia and Hungary.

Greece: All 4 women are non-actors

Hungary: All 4 women are non-actors

Denmark: 6 women + relatives (4 births).

Czechia: All 5 women are pregnant actors. One of them is actually giving birth.

The final film shows 15 pregnant women and their families, cast with the help of the hospitals. A further five pregnant women and 11 relatives were cast by the production service companies.

When and in which countries and hospitals was the film shot?

The film was shot over a total of 12 days during February and March, 2019, in six different European hospitals located in four countries: Semmelweis University 2nd Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Hungary), Rea Maternity Hospital (Athens, Greece), Attikon University Hospital (Athens, Greece), Porodnice Apolinář (Prague, Czechia) and Oblastni nemocnice Příbram (Příbram, Czechia) and Odense Universitet Hospital (Odense, Denmark).

Why were these countries chosen?

From the very beginning, the film-makers aimed to shoot in at least three different European countries, covering northern, central and southern Europe. During the pre-production process, the production company contacted different hospitals all over Europe and finally chose those most willing to participate in the project. In total, around 20 hospitals in 13 European countries were contacted.

How old is the girl narrating the movie, where is she from and is she a part of the film?

The girl narrating the story is an 11-year-old Danish girl. She attends an international Danish primary school. She is not participating in the film herself, as she was only cast to do the voice over.

Launch and distribution channels

24-25 April: Launch of the Choose Your Future film and release of the Spring Eurobarometer survey. The video has been uploaded to the European Parliament’s YouTube channel; just one link with integrated subtitles, depending on the user’s preferences. The film has also been uploaded on Facebook, and a shorter version on Instagram to reach EU citizens in the 28 member states through social media, press and more than 200 000 supporters and volunteers who are active on all available channels.

6 May until 23-26 May

Deliverable date for the TV, cinema and radio spots is 6 May, except in some countries where it will be delivered before.

One of the main cinema channels will be the Europa Cinemas network, a network of almost 1 200 cinemas around the EU, where it will be shown before the main screenplay starts.

In how many languages is the film being subtitled?

The 3-minute Choose Your Future film will be subtitled in all official EU languages, some regional languages, different national versions of the same language (33 in total) and five worldwide major languages (Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Hindi and Turkish).

The Choose Your Future film will be also translated into 31 sign languages.

It will be published online on YouTube and Facebook. For further dissemination through other channels, there will be other shorter versions:

- A TV spot (30 seconds) dubbed in 33 languages.

- A cinema spot (35 seconds), same script and languages as TV spot, but with more images.

- A radio spot (20 seconds) produced in 21 languages.

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