Events organised by activists and NGOs 


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Grassroots activists all over Europe are gearing up for the elections  

This is a non-exhaustive list of events taking place all over Europe.

To get additional information about any of the events, get in touch with the liaison office in the respective country.






Tallinn, Estonia

16 May

"European elections on wheels". After having cycled and driven through Europe to promote elections for the last two months, young Estonians will get together to share their experience.



"It's Urgent!" Artists from across the world come together to create a nation-wide exhibition that will be displayed on billboards and advertising spaces in public areas. It includes contributions by Olafur Eliasson (Danish-Icelandic artist known for his sculptures and large-scale installations).


18 May

People acting against climate change will vote together before a climate campaign event.

Ljubljana and Maribor, Slovenia

20-23 May

Street action. Volunteers will hand out flyers, motivate people to go to the polling stations and remind them to go vote during the pre-election period.


20-26 May

VOTE4ART. A game to get people to the ballot box.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

22 May

“De Race om Europa” A festival in Amsterdam taking place on the evening of May 22, with a.o. the ´Kiesvrouwen´ (theatre, movies, debate, podcasts, music, etc)


22 May

Volunteers promoting the European elections at the Galleria Shopping Complex and encouraging sign ups on the platform (tbc).

Groningen, the


22 May

No vote, no party. Those bringing their voting card and ID will get free access to the party as well as the possibility to vote in the early hours of May 23rd!

Genoa, Milan, Turin,


23 and 26 May

"Tutti in campo per l'Europa!" (Everybody on the ground for Europe!). Volunteers will organise a stand on 23 May in front of major locations at their universities (University of Genoa, University Cattolica in Milan and University of Turin) to raise awareness of the upcoming EE2019 and exchange ideas with their peers. On 26 May, they will create stories on their social media accounts throughout the day to share their personal experience, always bearing the title "Tutti in campo per l'Europa".

Warsaw, Poland

23 May

Alliance4Europe and the City of Warsaw will be organising a debate on Culture and Art for Europe, including promotion of a cover of a classic Queen song by famous Polish artists. The event will feature VIPs, such as Anja Rubik, Agnieszka Holland, Orina Krajewska and Małgorzata Zborowska. The event will be open to the media.

Vienna, Austria

23 May

Running for Europe. At different venues, volunteers and partners will be running for Europe wearing Election T-Shirts, as well as training together.

Wroclaw, Poland

24 May

“Superheroes fight for a higher turnout in the European Elections”. Superheroes will be encouraging passers-by to go to polling stations and take responsibility for the future of Europe.


25 May

DJ and an influencer Karmena Stepanova will be live on Radio 5 from the polling station in the National Library building throughout the election day.

Copenhagen, Denmark

25 May

The People's March for Climate. Under the tagline "make the election a climate election", tens of thousands of people are expected to march for the environment in Copenhagen one day before the elections. Greta Thunberg will also participate as a special guest speaker.


25 May

March for Europe (tbc)
Valérie Thatcher, the French volunteer who walked from Lyon to Brussels, is set to organise a "European march" in Paris, based on the model of the "climate march".

Vienna, Austria

25 May

Europa im Grätzl. Volunteers promoting the elections in the centre of Vienna.

Brussels, Belgium

26 May from 14.30 to 18.00

Marching brass bands. Volunteers will join the brass bands march from Place de la Monnaie to Place du Luxembourg, where the Election night will be held as of 6pm.

Bratislava, Slovakia

26 May

A party on the election night, organised by a volunteer. He will invite other volunteers as well as young MEP candidates. They will stream the EPLO Bratislava debates at the after party event.



26 May

Dogs at the polls. Activists will encourage dog walkers to snap pictures of their pets at polling stations and post them on social media with #setnjadobiralista (#polldogwalk)


Šibenik, Croatia

26 May

One vote, one tree. A group of young NGO representatives combined their environmental cause (planting trees) to motivate voters by turning the number of people who voted on the day in their city, into a number of trees to be planted during the weeks after.

Frankfurt am Main (Zeil und Mainufer), Germany

26 May from 13-16

On the streets. Volunteers will hand out flyers, motivate people to go to the polling stations and remind them to go and vote.


26 May

Plant Europe: Apsodink Europą” is a social initiative that promotes active voting in European elections and the reforestation of Lithuania. If a person invites more than four friends to vote, and all of them vote, the team/ group of 5 persons will have one tree planted on behalf of them.


26 May

Equipo Europa, a group of very active volunteers, are urging people to act as "European informers" and go out on the streets on election day to distribute leaflets and inform people about the importance of going to vote.

Marseille, France

26 May from 19.00 to 21.00

Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean (MUCEM) in Marseille is organising an event that will feature a review of all the previous European elections since 1979.