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Businesses all over Europe are mobilising their employees and customers to vote © Deutsche Post DHL Group 2019 @deutschepostdhl  

This is a non-exhaustive list of activities all over Europe.






10 Member States

May 26

Lime to offer free rides on its scooters to go vote in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden.


Since May 6

Deutsche Telekom CEO, as well as group CEOs posted several testimonial videos on European elections and working for a European company, branded


Magenta Telekom

Magenta Telekom 2

Magenta Telekom CEO

Hrvatski Telekom CEO

TMobile Poland CEO

Telekom GK


Since April 16

MSD/3M produced video interviews of MEPs from the 5 main political groups, distributed through internal and external channels (“WhyEurope” initiative)


Example of post


May 9

DHL and Butlers organised “Why Europe Matters”, an event with their respective CEOs and volunteers. They also lit up the DHL tower with the EU flag colours.

DHL Supply Chain CIO tweet

Deutsche Post DHL tweet

Deutsche Post DHL tweet II


Since March 2019

Kialo has created several thistimeimvoting-branded debates on its platform. The ads inviting people to join the EU conversation reached 30M impressions.

English debate example

English debate example

Italian debate example

Spanish debate example


Since May 9

Bayern Munich lit up its Allianz Arena stadium with the EU flag colours.

Bayern Munich tweet


Since April 2019

Lufthansa painted a European pledge on one of their planes, and dedicated their in-flight magazine’s editorial to the elections.

Example coverage


Since May 2019

Volkswagen covered its production facilities in Wolfsburg with a EU banner, and encouraged employees to go vote

Press release


Since May 2019

Deutsche Bahn launched an election awareness campaign on their train schedule leaflets and screens. With other leading German business, it also illuminated the main Berlin station with the colours of the EU flag.

FT coverage

Italy - Pan EU

May 13th

Vogue Italia created a #WeloveEU highlight on Instagram featuring celebrities wearing EU t-shirts, most of them then reposted this photo on their profile or in their stories