Future of the CAP: MEPs want to resume work on pre-election reform proposals 

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The Agriculture Committee wants to pick up the work on the post-2020 EU farm policy reform where it was left before the EU elections, MEPs said on Wednesday.

“The Agriculture Committee decided today to ask the Conference of Presidents (the EP President and leaders of political groups in the House) to allow us to resume our work on the EU farm policy reform on the basis of what was approved in April this year,” said the Chair of the Agriculture Committee Norbert Lins (EPP, DE).

“We must ensure that new MEPs are given a chance to contribute to the draft laws but at the same time, to save time and provide our farmers and consumers with clarity sooner rather than later, we want to avoid starting the debate on the future of the CAP from scratch”, he added.

Next steps

The Agriculture Committee’s recommendation, the so-called reasoned request, adopted on Wednesday by the committee’s group coordinators and endorsed on the same day by the committee as a whole, will now be submitted to the Parliament’s Conference of Committee Chairs (CCC), which will forward it to the Conference of Presidents (COP). The meeting of the CCC is scheduled for 17 September, the COP decision is expected on 19 September.


In April 2019, the Agriculture Committee adopted three CAP-reform related proposals: the draft regulations on Strategic Plans, on Common market organisation and on Financing, management and monitoring of the CAP. As the Parliament did not close the first reading of the three draft laws before the EU elections, it is now up to the Conference of Presidents (EP President and leaders of political groups) to decide whether to forward the texts to the full House or to ask the new Agriculture Committee to start working on them again.

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development

In the chair: Norbert Lins (EPP, DE)

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