EU farm policy: MEPs approve first transitional rules for after 2019 

Press Releases 
  • EU farm subsidies to continue after 2019 even if MFF and CAP reform not finalised yet 
  • current rules on flexibility between pillars extended to financial year 2021 
  • first CAP transitional law could enter into force before the end of 2019 

European Parliament endorsed on Wednesday the first set of rules to ensure smooth transition to the future EU farm policy and provide clarity for farmers before new rules kick in.

The new EU law ensures that current rules on granting support to EU farmers, including the financial discipline mechanism to keep funding within budgetary ceilings, can continue after 2019 even if the new EU’s long-term budget and the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is not approved yet.

The endorsed text extends the 2015-2019 rules on flexibility between CAP pillars, i.e. moving money from national envelopes for rural development to the direct payments one, to the financial year 2021.


“The European Parliament ensured today in a fast-tracked vote that farmers will continue to receive EU funding at current levels even if the new EU’s long-term budget and CAP rules are not in force yet. This is a crucial decision that brings clarity to our farming community and ensures that those who produce the food we all consume can rest assured that they will continue to be paid properly for the public service they provide,” said rapporteur and Chair of the Agriculture Committee Norbert Lins (EPP, DE).

„I call now on the Council to adopt our law without changes to ensure that it can enter into force as quickly as possible before the end of the year. I also urge member states to speed-up their talks on the post-2020 EU’s long-term budget so that we can launch our negotiations on its final shape as soon as possible. EU farmers are watching us and they deserve clarity and properly funded farm policy‟, he concluded.

Next steps

Parliament approved the Commission’s draft law in a fast-tracked simplified procedure without amendments by 637 votes in favour to 27 against, with 20 abstentions. If the Council follows the suit, the new EU law could enter into force before the end of the year.


The approved regulation is the first of two proposals tabled by the European Commission to ensure smooth transition to the post-2020 CAP.

Parliament warned in its 10 October resolution that delaying the future EU’s long-term budget would harm EU citizens and businesses and urged the Commission to table a contingency plan to avoid disruptions in EU funding to beneficiaries.

The CAP reform is closely linked to the work on the EU’s long-term 2021-2027 budget. The future EU farm policy laws will be co-decided by the European Parliament and Council of the EU (agricultural ministers).

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