Opening - February plenary session, 27 new seats 

Press Releases 
Parliament’s first session following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU© European Union 2020 - EP  

Vice-President McGuinness led a minute of silence to remember the victims of the Foibe massacres during World War II, at the opening of the session in Strasbourg.

On the day of remembrance in memory of all victims of the Foibe massacres during World War II, Vice-President McGuiness said that defending democracy and tolerance is the best tribute to the victims.

New MEPs and committee members

The distribution of seats in the European Parliament and the numerical composition of its committees have changed after Brexit. Vice-President McGuinness announced the new MEPs whose mandates started on 1 February, as well as those of the departing British and Northern Irish MEPs, whose term ended with the withdrawal of the United Kingdom on 31 January.

The Vice-President also announced the corresponding changes to the membership of Parliament’s permanent committees. All relevant information will be attached to the plenary session minutes. Read our background note to find out more about the changes to the European Parliament after Brexit.

Changes to the agenda


Venezuela: Council and Commission statements on illegal entry on the territory of an EU Member State of a person included in the list of sanctions (without resolution) has been added in the afternoon, after the ECB debate.


A question for oral response by the Commission on Better internet for children (without resolution) has been added.

The debate on the coronavirus has been moved to Wednesday afternoon.


A question for oral response by the Commission on Farm to Fork Strategy - the key role of farmers and rural areas (without resolution) has been added, as the first item. The sitting will now start at 9.00.