Budget MEPs ready to adopt all necessary measures to tackle the Corona emergency 

Press Releases 

BUDG Chair and coordinators welcome Commission announcements, but deplore mere “re-use” of existing funds and insist on fresh and additional financial means to tackle the coronavirus crisis.

“The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is an exceptional and global challenge for all of us, and puts our health systems and businesses under pressure. In this difficult moment, we believe Europe needs to act together and show solidarity”, Members of the Committee on Budgets said on Friday.

“We welcome the European Commission's announcement of Friday 13 March on the mobilization of available resources within the cohesion policy destined to leverage even more funding for our health systems, SMEs and labour markets impacted. However, these measures are insufficient as they just propose to re-use funds already available to the Member States for a different purpose. We believe that in this situation Member States need to be ready to provide also fresh financial means to tackle this crisis and help mitigate the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, in addition to the measures announced on 13 March, the Committee on Budgets urges the Commission to propose to mobilize also fresh appropriations, which are available in the 2020 budget through margins and flexibility instruments."

“The impacts on our economy are now tangible. The Committee on Budgets stands ready to quickly process all the necessary budgetary initiatives destined to alleviate the negative impacts on our health systems, our economy and on the EU citizens”, Budget MEPs added.