Budgetary Control Committee backs the new Austrian candidate to the Court of Auditors 

Press Releases 

On Thursday the EP Committee on Budgetary Control endorsed the new Austrian candidate to the European Court of Auditors Ms Helga Berger.

The vote took place in a secret ballot, with 16 members voting in favour, 11 against and 3 abstentions.

Ahead of the vote members of the Budgetary Control committee asked the member-designate questions about her previous jobs and political ties, with aim to ensure her ability to perform the future duties in complete independence and in the general interest of the European Union, as reqested by Treaties.

Re-watch the interview, led by rapporteur Mikuláš PEKSA (Greens/EFA, CZ).

The CV of Ms Helga Berger and answers to the questionnaire

Next steps

The recommendation passed today by the Budgetary Control committee needs to be backed in the plenary - vote is scheduled to take place during the 8-9 July 2020 session.


Mrs Helga Berger is currently Director General of Budget and Public Finances in the Austrian federal ministry of finance. She was nominated as the country’s ECA Member by the government and the National Assembly’s main committee confirmed her nomination unanimously.

The ECA, the EU's independent external auditor, has 28 members, one from each EU country. They are appointed for a renewable term of six years by the Council, after consulting the European Parliament. Each member has their own “portfolio” and is responsible for checking the EU’s finances in a particular subject area.