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Plenary session 

EP TODAY 14 September

EP President David Sassoli will open the 14-17 September plenary sitting at 17.00. You can watch the opening live on Parliament’s Multimedia Centre and on EbS+.

Recovery Plan/Own Resources

In the early evening, MEPs will hold their debate on the Council’s own resources decision, the legal basis authorising the EU to borrow €750 billion for the “Next Generation EU” recovery plan. MEPs have fast-tracked the procedure and will vote on Wednesday at 13.00 so the ratification process in the member states can start and the COVID-19 recovery plan can be launched as soon as possible. A press conference is scheduled at 14.30 on Wednesday, after the vote.

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Watch the debate live on Parliament’s Multimedia Centre and on EbS+.

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EU Civil Protection capacity

During their debate, MEPs are expected to call for the EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism to be enhanced so that the EU can better respond to large-scale emergencies such as COVID-19 and to ensure that member states are not left to rely on own assets and voluntary support when dealing with such emergencies. The vote will take place on Wednesday at 13.00.

Watch the debate live on Parliament’s Multimedia Centre and on EbS+.

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Poland/Rule of law/Fundamental rights

At 17.30, MEPs will debate the democratic backsliding and rule of law breaches in Poland, calling on the Council and the Commission to act to protect fundamental rights in the country. They will also look into the situation of LGBTI persons in the country and the consequences of several municipalities, regions and counties having declared themselves “LGBTI-free zones”. A resolution on the state of play of rule of law will be put to the vote on Thursday.


Watch the debate live on Parliament’s Multimedia Centre and on EbS+.

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Monday’s voting session takes place from 19.15 to 20.30, with the first results being announced on Tuesday morning at 9.00.

MEPs will vote on, among other things,

  • the EU’s role in protecting and restoring the world’s forests,
  • EU-African security cooperation in the Sahel region, West Africa and the Horn of Africa,
  • Effective measures to “green” Erasmus+, Creative Europe and the European Solidarity Corps, and
  • the amending budget for the Emergency Support Instrument to finance the COVID-19 vaccines strategy and for the impact of the Corona Response Investment Initiative Plus.