EP Special Committee on Beating Cancer holds constitutive meeting 

Press Releases 

New special committee elects MEP Bartosz Arłukowicz as Chair, as well as the four Vice-Chairs.

Specifically tasked with evaluating opportunities for concrete EU action, identifying legislation and other measures that can help prevent and fight cancer, the new special committee held this afternoon its constitutive meeting.

Members elected the following committee leadership:

The main responsibilities of the special committee include looking at actions to strengthen the approach at every key stage of the disease, evaluating best ways of supporting research and ensuring a close link with the research mission on cancer in the future Horizon Europe programme, listening to the current evidence and data available and identifying policies and priorities, as well as evaluating the possibilities where the EU can take concrete steps to fight cancer. Full details on the special committee’s objectives are available here.

The first ordinary meeting of the special committee is planned for 12 October.

Following the election, BECA Chair Bartosz Arłukowicz said: “The setting up of the special committee on beating cancer is a milestone in the work of the European Parliament. We need to tackle the biggest challenge to the health of Europeans together and in a more coordinated way. The sharp increase in cancer incidence in Europe calls for decisive action. We will work closely with the European Commission to come up with the most ambitious approach possible to beating cancer. I believe that the strong team of Members in our committee will deliver on this serious task."


In June 2020, European Parliament plenary approved the creation of the Special Committee on Beating Cancer (BECA), made up of 33 full members. The committee is set up for a 12-month term, running from the date of its constitutive meeting, and may be extended.