Greening of aviation sector: MEPs welcome long-awaited update for Single European Sky 

Press Releases 

Transport Committee MEPs discussed with Commissioner Vălean the Single European Sky proposal that will allow the aviation sector to reduce CO2 emissions as well as costs.

MEPs largely agreed with Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean that the updated proposal is crucial for modernising Europe’s air traffic management, improving efficiency and capacity, reducing fragmentation, flight delays and CO2 emissions in the aviation sector. Many MEPs stressed that Parliament has been waiting years for the reform, with current rules from 2009 now outdated. MEPs committed to finding a quick agreement on the updated framework.

The Commissioner explained that digitalisation and cross-border availability of data services have been influential in the reform, allowing for more flexibility. MEPs also highlighted that the Commission proposal incorporates suggestions from Parliament and that all stakeholders have been consulted, allowing the update to progress quickly.

Regarding the greening measures, the Commissioner assured MEPs that the Single European Sky proposal is only the first step for CO2 emission reductions in the aviation sector, and that more dedicated measures will have to follow, such as the proposal for sustainable alternative aviation fuels that the Commission plans to table in February 2021.

The Single European Sky regulatory framework can reduce air transport emissions by up to 10% as well as save costs thanks to more direct routes, more efficient and more direct flightpaths.

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