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Plenary session 

Thursday, 8 July

Live coverage of debates and votes can be found on Parliament’s webstreaming and on EbS+.

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All information regarding plenary, including speakers’ lists, can be found here.

Resolution on Rights of LGBTIQ persons in Hungary

Following yesterday’s debate on the situation of LGBTIQ citizens in Hungary, MEPs will vote on a resolution on the topic at 13.45, with results announced at 16.30. The draft text “condemns in the strongest possible terms” the recently adopted anti-LGBTIQ legislation, denounces the dismantling of democracy and the rule of law in Hungary, and calls on the Commission and member states to take urgent legal action.

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Helping the aviation sector to recover from the impact of COVID-19

As the pandemic has caused a drastic drop in air traffic, MEPs will ask Commissioner Vălean in an afternoon debate what measures are being prepared to support the EU’s aviation sector to recover. They will ask how travel restrictions and public health requirements in the EU can be simplified further to reassure people that they can travel stress-free. MEPs will also discuss ways to ensure the pandemic does not lead to more job cuts in the aviation sector and further downgrading of working conditions.

Gediminas Vilkas

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Ending the use of animals in research and testing

In a debate with Commissioner Vălean starting at 14.30, Parliament will discuss ways to accelerate the transition to a research system not based on the use of animals. As its ultimate goal, current EU legislation aims to stop animals being used for scientific purposes, by continuously replacing, reducing and refining their use in research, regulatory testing and education. A resolution on the topic will be put to the vote during the September session.

Thomas HAAHR
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Human rights and democracy resolutions

In the morning, Parliament will hold urgent debates on the case of Ahmadreza Djalali in Iran, on Hong Kong, notably the case of Apple Daily, and on the death penalty in Saudi Arabia, notably the cases of Mustafa Hashem al-Darwish and Abdullah al-Howaiti. Resolutions will be put to the vote at 13.45, with results announced at 16.30.

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Vote results from Wednesday’s second voting session will be announced at 9.00, on amendments on:

  • the European Medicines Agency,
  • the Environment Action Programme 2030, and
  • a new ERA for Research and Innovation.

The final vote on these three files will be taken during the first voting session, between 09.45 and 11.00, with results announced at 13.00.

During the second voting session (between 13.45 and 15.00, with results announced at 16.30), MEPs will cast final votes on:

  • the rights of LGBTIQ citizens in Hungary,
  • the repression of the opposition in Turkey, specifically the HDP,
  • the establishment of Antarctic Marine Protected Areas and the conservation of Southern Ocean biodiversity,
  • the situation in Nicaragua,
  • the case of Ahmadreza Djalali in Iran,
  • Hong Kong, notably the case of Apple Daily,
  • Mustafa Hashem al-Darwish and Abdullah al-Howaiti, and
  • the review of the macroeconomic legislative framework.