Opening of 10-11 November plenary session 

Press Releases 
Vice-President Metsola opened the 10-11 November session in Brussels © European Union 2021 - EP  
UNHCR Grandi addressed MEPs on 70th anniversary of Geneva Convention © European Union 2021 - EP  

Vice-President Metsola opened the 10-11 November session in Brussels.

Addressing the European Parliament on the 70th anniversary of the Geneva Convention, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi emphasised the continued relevance of this instrument, which has saved many lives. Mr Grandi warned that ongoing humanitarian crises in Ethiopia, the Sahel region and Afghanistan could quickly escalate, with global consequences.

He also pointed to the growing impact of climate-induced displacement. Mr Grandi asked the EU and its member states to cooperate to solve the situation at the Poland-Belarus border, which does not justify violent pushbacks. Calling for European leadership on asylum and the rule of law, he stressed that global leadership always starts at home.

Changes to the agenda


The European Council and Commission statements on “Conclusions of the European Council meeting of 21-22 October 2021”, scheduled as the first item on Wednesday, are postponed to the November II part-session.

This item is replaced by a statement by the EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell on “The escalating humanitarian crisis on the EU/Belarusian border in particular in Poland”.


Three reports on the request to waive the immunity of Members are added directly to the votes.

Requests by committees to start negotiations with Council and Commission

Decisions by committees to enter into inter-institutional negotiations (Rule 72) are published on the plenary website.

If no request for a vote in Parliament on the decision to enter into negotiations is made by Thursday 12.00 midnight, the committees may start negotiations.