Digital Markets Act: Parliament and Council to start negotiations on 11 January  

Press Releases 

Parliament’s negotiating team on the Digital Markets Act (DMA), led by rapporteur Andreas Schwab, will start talks with the French Presidency of the Council on 11 January, at 11.00.

Ahead of the start of the trilogues (three-way talks between Parliament, Council and Commission) on the Digital Markets Act proposal, rapporteur Andreas Schwab (EPP, DE), who will lead the negotiations on Parliament’s behalf, said:

“The Parliament will push during the trilogue negotiations for the DMA to really become the European tool to end unfair practices used by the largest digital companies. Together with the Council and the Commission, we want the DMA to deliver more competition and a fair framework in the European Digital Single Market.

We want to avoid the biggest companies just getting 'fatter', so that companies with the best products, and not just those with the biggest market power, can grow. Consequently, the European Parliament strengthened the DMA proposal significantly: we want to focus on the biggest gatekeepers first and make the rules for them even stronger. We want an enforceable DMA and therefore use the resources of both member states and the European Commission.

Lastly, as the rapporteur, I will take the responsibility to defend the newly created provisions on acquisitions, on advertising and on interoperability. This position enjoys overwhelming support across all political groups. Therefore, I will work hard to defend this position in the negotiations with the member states".