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Thursday, 20 January

Live coverage of debates and votes can be found on Parliament’s webstreaming and on EbS+.

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All information regarding plenary, including speakers’ lists and voting schedules, can be found here.

Digital Services Act: vote on EP’s negotiating mandate

The final results of the vote on the Digital Services Act (DSA) proposal will be announced in plenary at 16.00. The DSA aims to create a safer digital space in which users’ rights are protected, including through rules to tackle illegal products, services or content online. It would also enhance the accountability and transparency of algorithms, and deal with content moderation. The text voted today will serve as Parliament’s negotiating position in the discussions with the French Presidency of the Council to reach an agreement on the legislation.

(+32) 498 98 33 36

Protect animals better during transport

MEPs will discuss how to improve animal welfare during transport, more effectively control live animal exports, and limit the transport of young animals. Plenary will then vote on the recommendations of the Parliament’s Committee of Inquiry on the Protection of Animals during Transport (ANIT), which in the past 18 months has considered these issues and the possible remedial options. Announcement of final results at 16.00.

Gediminas Vilkas

(+32) 470 89 29 21


The consequences of the COVID-19 crisis for European youth

In an afternoon debate, MEPs will ask representatives of the Council and the Commission for ways to address the devastating effect of the COVID-19 crisis on the employment and education of young Europeans. A resolution will be voted on by MEPs in February’s plenary session.

Elzelien VAN der STEEN
(+32) 477 45 42 84



The results of the votes on the reinforcement of the European Medicines Agency, four candidates to the Court of Auditors, the numerical strength of the EP’s standing committees (the list of committee members will be announced later that day), and on amendments to the Digital Services Act will be announced in plenary at 9.00.

In a first voting session - from 9.45 to 11.00, with results announced at 13.00 - MEPs will vote on amendments to the final recommendations on animal transport and to the urgent resolutions on human rights and democracy in Hong Kong, Kazakhstan and Sudan.

From 13.45 to 15.00, with the results due at 16.00, plenary will hold final votes on the Digital Services Act negotiating mandate, the recommendations on animal transport and the urgent resolutions on humans rights and democracy.