Metsola: more support to countries receiving Ukrainians fleeing war 

Press Releases 

EP President Roberta Metsola, together with Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, met this morning with Ukrainians having fled the war at the Otwock school in the region of Warsaw.

She extended her thanks to Poland, the Prime Minister and the government, to local and regional authorities, as well as to the numerous NGOs and volunteers who have ensured an exceptional effort in receiving and hosting Ukrainian families fleeing the war.

President Metsola stated: “We are impressed by the efforts made by Poland, its communities and citizens. You have given people in need a safe and secure space. This is heartwarming to see it - it is the best of Europe.”

“However, Poland has been carrying the largest weight of the consequences of the war outside Ukraine. Therefore, we need more support to Poland and other countries that are receiving and hosting people who are feeling the war in Ukraine”, she called.

At the Otwock school, President Metsola and Prime Minister Morawiecki exchanged with Ukrainian families. The school offers a temporary place for Ukrainians to rest, spend the night, and eat a warm meal. Children are taken care of and given the comfort that they need.

President Metsola thanked all the volunteers and local community workers who tirelessly help Ukrainians. “Polish people have shown to the world, that with solidarity, you can make a difference. The Ukrainians fleeing war, of whom 90% are women and children, know that they are received here with open arms”, she said.

In her remarks to the press, President Metsola reminded, that the humanitarian crisis in the heart of Europe calls us to do all we can to help our fellow Europeans fleeing the war. The European Union has approved a first set of extraordinary measures to provide emergency support, but it is clear that more resources need to be mobilised urgently.

Returning from Kyiv, President Metsola explained that she had passed in Ukraine a message of support and hope to brave Ukrainians defending their country: “I am proud that the European Union has already done so much by welcoming millions of Ukrainians into our countries, homes and hearts.”

Recalling the promise of Europe to Ukraine to take care of all the Ukrainians fleeing the war, until they can return safely and rebuild their lives and livelihoods, she said: “We need to do more, and we will make sure that everyone is taken care of.”

In a private meeting with Prime Minister Morawiecki, President Metsola thanked the Prime Minister for Poland’s efforts in receiving and hosting the largest number of Ukrainians. She also conveyed to the Prime Minister a message of President Zelenskyy to Europe.