Grant Moldova EU candidate status, say MEPs  

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  • Provide Moldova with new macro-financial assistance 
  • Integrate the country into EU single market and enhance sectoral cooperation 
  • Serious concern over developments on the territory of the Transnistrian region 

In a resolution adopted on Thursday, Parliament welcomes Moldova’s EU membership application, saying the country is on the right track in adopting key reforms.

The text, approved by show of hands says Moldova has been disproportionately affected by the Russian war in neighbouring Ukraine. (RA) This is mainly due to the arrival of more than 450,000 Ukrainian refugees since the invasion began - nearly 100,000 of whom remain in Moldova - but also due to lost trade and increased energy and transport prices. (RA)

    To this end, MEPs call on the EU to provide more support for the country, i.e. via new macro-financial assistance, further transport and trade liberalisation measures, and continued support for refugee management and humanitarian purposes.

    Grant Moldova EU candidate status

    Against the backdrop of Russia’s war against Ukraine, Parliament welcomes Moldova’s formal EU membership application on 3 March 2022 and says the EU should grant it candidate status, in line with Article 49 TEU and ‘on the basis of merit’. In the meantime, the European Union and Moldova should continue work on integrating the country into the EU single market and on enhanced sectoral cooperation.

    MEPs call on the European Commission to swiftly complete its application assessment and provide Moldova with its full assistance while this is ongoing. They say that, without prejudging the content of the Commission’s opinion, the Moldovan authorities are undoubtedly on the right track by adopting key reforms, notably on democracy, the rule of law, and human rights.

    Increased fears over developments in Transnistria

    The resolution also expresses serious concern over recent developments on the territory of the Transnistrian region, which has witnessed a number of “security incidents” in April,

    considered by MEPs as dangerous acts of provocation in a highly volatile security situation. They also reiterate Parliament’s support for a “comprehensive, peaceful and lasting political settlement of the Transnistrian conflict,” i.e. based on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Moldova within its internationally recognised borders, and with the removal of Russian forces based there.

    Energy extortion by Russia

    Parliament stresses it is unacceptable that Russia has been weaponising its gas supply to exert political pressure on Moldova in order to influence the country’s political trajectory and geopolitical orientation - particularly after the recent instalment of the country’s pro-western government. MEPs call on the Commission and EU countries to support Moldova in ensuring its energy independence, connectivity, diversification and efficiency, as well as accelerating the development of renewable energy sources.