The impact on human rights of foreign interference by Gulf countries 

Press Releases 

On Tuesday at 17.45 CEST, MEPs on the Subcommittee on Human Rights will meet with several experts to debate the foreign interference by Gulf countries across the globe.

The debate will cover a broad range of aspects, including how Gulf countries use intelligence operations, high-tech surveillance and financial inducement to support armed conflicts, how they develop post-conflict political landscapes according to their own interests and secure the support of allies around the world.

In addition to MEPs, the following invited experts will take the floor:

- Nicola Giovannini, Executive Director of Droit au Droit
- Rula Jebreal, award-winning journalist, author, academic and filmmaker
- Shelby Grossman, Stanford University Internet Observatory

WHEN: Tuesday 10 May 2022, at 17.45 – 18.45 CEST

WHERE: Room 2Q2 in the European Parliament’s Antall building in Brussels and remote participation

You can follow the debate live here. (10.05.2022)

Human rights in Egypt

Earlier the same day, on Tuesday at 11.00 CEST, MEPs will also exchange views with Tarek Radwan, Chairman of the Committee for Human Rights in the Egyptian House of Representatives. This will be the latest in a series of discussions on the human rights situation in Egypt organised by the Subcommittee on Human Rights. Mr Radwan will participate in the meeting remotely.

You can follow the debate live here. (10.05.2022)