EP TODAY, Thursday, 7 July 

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Thursday, 7 July

Fit for 55: Parliament set to push for greener aviation fuels

MEPs will debate and vote on new rules to increase the uptake of used cooking oil, synthetic fuel or even hydrogen by aircraft operators and EU airports, cutting aviation emissions and contributing to Europe becoming climate neutral. They are set to demand that suppliers start delivering sustainable fuel from 2025, with them achieving 85% of all aviation fuel by 2050.

Gediminas Vilkas

(+32) 470 89 29 21


Abortion rights and women’s health in the US and the EU

Following Monday’s debate, MEPs will vote today on a resolution on the US Supreme Court decision to overturn abortion rights and the need to safeguard abortion rights and women’s health in the EU. Parliament is expected to reiterate its call for safe access to abortion, and condemn the backsliding in women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights in the US.

Natalie Kate KONTOULIS

(+32) 470 88 37 82


Recent heat wave and drought in the EU

At 9.00 MEPs will discuss with Commission Vice-President Šefčovič the recent heat wave and drought in the EU, and what measures the EU can take to help remedy this situation and prepare for future crises. A resolution will be put to the vote in the next plenary session.

Thomas HAAHR
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In brief:

Exceptional macro-financial assistance to Ukraine. Plenary will vote -under the urgent procedure- a proposal to disburse a first €1 billion tranche of the new macro-financial assistance for Ukraine.

Better law making. MEPs and Commission Vice-President Šefčovič will debate ways to improve EU law making in order to deliver maximum benefits to citizens and businesses and to support the EU’s economic green transition. MEPs will vote on the report at noon.


Between 12.00 and 14.00, MEPs will vote on:

  • Sustainable aviation fuels (ReFuelEU Aviation Initiative)
  • US Supreme Court decision to overturn abortion rights in the United States and the need to safeguard abortion rights and Women’s health in the EU
  • Temporary measures concerning driver documents issued by Ukraine
  • Identification of the violation of Union restrictive measures as an EU crime
  • Better regulation: joining forces to make better laws
  • Protection of the EU’s financial interests – combating fraud – annual report 2020
  • The arrest of Cardinal Zen and the trustees of the 612 relief fund in Hong Kong
  • The situation of indigenous and environmental defenders in Brazil, including the killing of Dom Philips and Bruno Pereira
  • The situation in Tajikistan’s Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province
  • Activities of the European Investment Bank in 2020 and 2021.

Live coverage of the plenary session can be found on Parliament’s webstreaming and on EbS+.

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All information regarding plenary, can be found here.