Ethiopia: MEPs to look into situation of women and gender-based violence  

Press Releases 

A delegation of MEPs from the Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee and the Development Committee will travel to Addis Ababa on 20-22 September.

Members will look at the situation of women in Ethiopia with a focus on gender-based violence, particularly within the context of harmful traditional practices and of the armed conflict in the country. They will also assess the implementation of the Regional UNFPA-UNICEF Joint Programme on the Elimination of Female Genital Mutilation.

The delegation, led by Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Committee Chair Robert Biedroń (S&D, PL), will meet with Ethiopian Human Rights Commissioner Abdi Jibril. They will visit a women’s shelter and hear from representatives of civil society such as women’s rights organisations. In addition to meeting with members of the Ethiopian government, they will also assess the situation in the country with representatives of UN organisations, such as UNICEF and UN Women.

They will finish their visit by consulting with representatives from the EU Gender Task Force and the African Union.

Members of the delegation

Robert BIEDROŃ (S&D, Poland), Head of the delegation

Heléne FRITZON (S&D, Sweden)

Samira RAFAELA (Renew, The Netherlands)

María Soraya RODRÍGUEZ RAMOS (Renew, Spain)

Pierrette HERZBERGER-FOFANA (Greens/EFA, Germany)