EP delegation to Ireland: MEPs urge Ireland to move forward on international tax reform  

Press Releases 

Members of the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Tax Matters have just concluded their mission to Dublin.

The delegation, led by the Subcommittee’s Chair, Paul Tang (S&D, NL) met representatives of key institutions, such as the Department of Finance, the Revenue Commissioners and the Finance Committee and the Committee for Budgetary Oversight of the Irish Parliament (Oirechtas), as well as stakeholders from the private sector including Apple, Google, Microsoft and Meta (Facebook), experts and academics, civil society organisations and media.

The discussions allowed MEPs to gather information about the tax climate in Ireland, as well as press the authorities on the need to undertake important tax reforms. While meeting representatives of the multinationals it also became apparent that these companies will not leave Ireland even if the government increased its tax rate. Stakeholders emphasized not to focus only on the tax rate, but to also keep in mind that a too narrow tax base continues to be used for tax avoidance.

At the end of the visit Mr Tang said:

“It’s good to hear that Ireland remains fully committed to implementing the agreement on a global tax reform. However, the veto of Hungary should not prevent us to move forward. We urge the Irish government to join the coalition of Member States that are ready to move forward.

"We are still concerned that new tax schemes are arising, despite recent tax reforms. Ireland must remain committed to fighting harmful tax practices and cooperate with other countries to prevent new schemes from arising. The heavy reliance on revenues from a few multinatinoal companies is not sustainable and Ireland needs to engage in a long-term process broaden its tax base.”

At the end of the delegation, a press conference was held. It can be watched again here.

The delegation was composed of five MEPs:

Paul Tang, Chair of the subcommittee (S&D, NL)

Isabel Benjumea (EPP, ES)

Luděk Niedermayer (EPP, CZ)

Claude Gruffat (Greens/EFA, FR)

Manon Aubry (The Left, FR)