Human rights breaches in Haiti, Myanmar and Ethiopia 

Press Releases 
  • Haitian gang warfare and pervasive sense of insecurity among the population must cease, fair elections must follow 
  • The Myanmar military junta must immediately end the unlawful state of emergency and end its obstruction of the right to freedom of expression 
  • Urgent plea for an immediate cessation of hostilities and to ensure humanitarian access to Tigray, Ethiopia 

On Thursday, the European Parliament adopted three resolutions on the respect for human rights in Haiti, Myanmar and Ethiopia.

Haiti and gang violence

Parliament strongly condemns the acts of gang violence by approximately 200 groups in Haiti. Some of these are allegedly associated with state actors, politicians and business leaders, whose political power has dramatically increased since the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise in July 2021. Due to the ongoing socio-political, economic and gang crises, exacerbated by escalating human rights abuses, the general population lives with a pervasive sense of insecurity, according to MEPs.

Parliament demands an immediate end to gang violence and crime by bringing those responsible to justice in fair trials, improving the control of illegal weapons and the provision of employment, health and education.

MEPs want all stakeholders in Haiti to find a durable, time-bound and commonly accepted solution to allow for fair legislative and presidential elections. Haitian authorities need to ensure better governance at all levels of the state and society.

Finally, Parliament encourages the EU and international financial institutions to increase their financial support for Haiti.

The resolution was adopted by show of hands.

Crackdown on media freedom in Myanmar and the cases of Htet Htet Khine, Sithu Aung Myint and Nyein Nyein Aye

Strongly condemning the military junta’s violent and illegitimate rule in Myanmar, MEPs urge it to drop all politically motivated charges against the members of the press and media workers, and unconditionally release every unfairly-detained journalist. They also call on the juntato immediately end its abuses, including arbitrary arrests and detention, torture, sexual violence and other ill-treatment, as well as unfair trials against people working in the media.

Calling for the unconditional release by the military junta of President Win Myint, State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and all others who have been arrested on unfounded accusations, MEPs also want an immediate end to the unlawful state of emergency in the country, the restoration of the civilian government, the re-establishment of a path towards democracy, and a swift opening of parliament with the participation of all elected representatives.

The resolution welcomes the sanctions imposed by the Council against members of the junta and their businesses, and calls on the EU to introduce additional targeted sanctions against those responsible for the country’s most serious human rights violations.

Finally, MEPs condemn Russia and China for their political, economic and military backing of Myanmar’s junta.

The resolution was adopted by show of hands.

The recent humanitarian and human rights situation in Tigray, Ethiopia, notably that of children

Parliament reiterates its urgent plea for an immediate cessation of hostilities and for ceasefire in Tigray and the neighbouring regions in Ethiopia without preconditions. MEPs want full, safe and sustained humanitarian access to all those in the area that are affected by the conflict.

They strongly condemn the deliberate targeting of civilians by all parties and the reported recruitment of children by certain actors. They recall that deliberate attacks on civilians, the targeting of children, and the recruitment and use of child soldiers constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity.

In addition, the text notes that, as a result of Ethiopia’s civil war, one out of three Tigrayan children under the age of five and half of all pregnant and breastfeeding women are malnourished, and a total of 1.39 million children in the region are unable to go to school.

The resolution further expresses its support for all diplomatic efforts to end the ongoing conflict within Ethiopia, in particular through African Union mediation. While deeply regretting the fact that the UN Security Council has so far failed to address the situation in Tigray, MEPs also urge it to take meaningful and decisive action to ensure unhindered humanitarian access, to allow the protection of civilians, and to condemn and end the grave violations of international law and ensure accountability for these atrocities.

The resolution was adopted by show of hands.