President Metsola: Moldova’s place is in Europe 

Press Releases 

In Moldova today EP President Roberta Metsola met President Maia Sandu and addressed a Special Plenary Session of the Moldovan Parliament.

During her visit to Chișinău, Moldova, the President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola is also meeting with the President of the Parliament Igor Grosu, the Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita and engaging with youth at a town-hall meeting.

In her speech to the Parliament, President Metsola said:

On Moldova’s place in Europe:

“I came here with one message: Moldova’s place is in Europe. Our future must be together and the European Parliament will do everything necessary to stand with you, on your path towards becoming a European Union Member State. This must be the history that we will write together - for the benefit of everyone in Europe.”

“The transformational effect of EU Membership is not funds alone. It is about aligning standards, it is about legislating together, it is about the Republic of Moldova’s voice being heard around the table on decisions that impact all of us. It is about the guarantee of democracy, the rule of law, equality. It is about hope for the next generations.”

“We are living in times of instability. Of spiking energy and electricity prices, inflation, food scarcity and creeping unemployment. And all of this is framed in the context of an illegal war on our continent - on your borders - with an autocrat weaponising energy supplies, and with propaganda and disinformation that risks driving more people to the comfort of the fringes.”

On candidate status:

The European Parliament was the first EU institution to call for Moldova to receive EU candidate status, together with Ukraine. We did this because Moldova belongs in our European family. Because we know that Europe is about opening doors, tearing down walls and being together. It is a way of life and of living.”

“The granting of EU candidate status is a historic opportunity for Moldova to strengthen its democracy, empower its youth and build a modern and resilient country. Equally it is a historic moment for Europe. It is a two-way street, we want a piece of Moldova in Europe, not only a piece of Europe in Moldova.”

“The European Parliament believes, that in order to give your country a clear path towards membership, there needs to be clarity of expectations from the start. When reforms are made, our assessments must not be delayed.”

On energy and the economic situation:

“In these troubled times, we must continue to stand united in the face of those seeking to pull us apart. Those spreading disinformation to bring political unrest. Those who threaten and blackmail, using energy as leverage.”

“The European Union will continue to help Moldova diversify its energy supplies to prevent further destabilisation. Our Member States have already facilitated new interconnections. This is full European solidarity across all boards on full display.”

“We understand that rising inflation and higher bills make it difficult for people. The European Parliament adopted temporary liberalisation measures for certain Moldovan agricultural products. And just yesterday, we approved legislation facilitating freight transport by road in the European Union for Moldovan companies and drivers. These will help stimulate Moldovan trade export at this very difficult time.”

On security and solidarity:

“Moldova’s security remains a priority. International law, and its principles of sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity, are not negotiable for us.

You are the first buffer between the war and the EU, and we must acknowledge this.

Sowing doubt, instability and fear accompany the Kremlin’s conventional warfare apparatus - this coordinated disinformation campaign - is spreading. We have to do more, much more, to counter the toxic re-writing of history. And to remind our citizens that Europe does have the power to improve lives - to change generations. We must work to convince.”

“It was Moldovan people who opened-up their homes and their hearts to 80,000 Ukrainian people seeking refuge and supported 600,000 Ukrainians transiting your country, in what was effectively the highest number of refugee intake per capita.

It was also your country and your people who sent truckloads of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. That operationalised solidarity lanes for grain and fuel transit to feed hungry families and heat cold homes.

You did this because you believe in the principle of European solidarity.”

Full speech of President Metsola can be found here.