New access rules to Parliament’s parking in Brussels 

Press Releases 

A new application will allow journalists to reserve their parking space more easily.

In accordance with environmental requirements for the optimal use of spaces in Parliament’s parking lot, from now on access for all external users (including journalists) will be managed by a new app (IZIX).

This new application will allow users to reserve their parking space more easily, at the click of a button on a mobile phone or via the website.

All accredited journalists who had previously registered in Commuty (and whose profile is complete) have been automatically transferred to the new application and have received an email to explain how IZIX works.

New users must first register their details by sending an email to and provide the following information:




Category of external user: Accredited Journalists

Car plate n°:

Mobile phone n°:

You will then receive the link to the App (and website) to set up your personal account along with instructions on how to request your parking space when you visit Parliament. Once you have set-up your account, booking a space takes only a few seconds and confirmation is immediate.